Product Details


Designed around a focus group of operators, Parcelport was created from the feedback of the Parcel Delivery Industry. Operators shared their experiences about products they used on a daily basis, what worked for them and what didn’t. We listened, took notes and brought the Parcelport to market. Parcelport incorporates many standard features such as Rocktop fiberglass wind fairing, rubberized flooring to keep cargo clean, dry and provide increased foot traction, translucent roof for increased interior light, an exclusive 29” aluminum rear drop floor for a lower ease of entry. Available side and rear door options and various shelving packages help make Parcelport the perfect fit.


Parcelport Chassis Related Popular Options

  • Front End Alignment - Performed on a Hunter Alignment System
  • Chassis PDI
  • Additional Chassis Leaf Springs
  • Chassis Stretch

Parcelport Door Popular Options

  • Rear Swing Doors, 50” opening with Twin Swing or 70/30
  • Side Sliding Doors with stepwell, Roadside & Curbside
  • Side Swing Doors with stepwell, Roadside & Curbside

Parcelport Electrical Popular Options

  • Rear Back-Up Alarm
  • Rear Back-up Camera System
  • Additional LED Cargo Dome Lights
  • LED Cargo Dome Light with Motion Sensors
  • Exterior LED Flood Light

Parcelport Exterior Popular Options

  • Rub Rail - Aluminum Hat Section
  • Crosswalk Mirror
  • Removable Rear Ladder

Parcelport Floor Popular Options

  • Aluminum Treadplate Overlay .125

Parcelport Heating, Venting & Air Conditioning Popular Options

  • Auxiliary Rear Air Conditioner, Chassis Engine Powered, 28,000 BTU
  • Auxiliary Rear Air Conditioner & Heat, Chassis Engine Powered, 22,000 Cool & 28,000 Heat BTU
  • Auxiliary Rear Heat. Chassis Engine Powered, 32,000 BTU
  • Roof Mounted Air Conditioner, 110 Volt, 13,500 Cool & 5,600 Heat BTU
  • Roof Vent, 14” x 14” Crank-up, Non-Power
  • Roof Vent, 14” x 14” Reversible, 3-Speed, Fantastic
  • 10” x 10” Louvered Vent, Sidewalls

Parcelport Insulation Popular Options

  • Roof Foam Board Insulation including Luan Ceiling Liner

Parcelport Interior Popular Options

  • First Aid Kit, mounted in cab
  • Fire Extinguisher & Reflector Kit, mounted in cab

Parcelport Roof Popular Options

  • Aluminum Roof
  • Ceiling Liner, Luan

Parcelport Securing Popular Options

  • E-Track on Sidewalls, Surface mounted
  • Tie Slats on Sidewalls
  • D-Rings on Sidewalls
  • E-Track on Front Wall, Surface mounted
  • F-Track on Ceiling & Floor
  • Ratchet Straps for E-Track (2)
  • Shoring Bar for E-Track or F-Track

Parcelport Shelving Popular Options

  • Fixed Aluminum & Wood Shelves, 22” Deep Shelving, Gussets & Isle Supports.
  • Folding Aluminum Shelving, (2) per side, 28” & 55” Up from Floor, 48” & 72” Long Units.

Parcelport Window Popular Options

  • Cargo Window, 36” Wide x 18” High, Fixed or Sliding with Screen
  • Cargo Window, 19” Wide x 18” High, Fixed or Sliding with Screen
  • Door Window, Fixed, 12” Wide x 18” High