Frequently Asked Questions

Do I buy a Rockport Commercial Vehicle directly or indirectly?

Rockport bodies are sold through your local truck dealers.

How long will it take to get my truck?

Normally just a few weeks. However, many factors can affect the timeframe, from chassis availability to weather related issues with transportation. Please contact a Rockport representative for a current ETA.

What chassis brand does Rockport build on the most?

For cutaways, Ford, Ram, Chevrolet & GMC. For cab chassis, all major chassis manufacturers

Can Rockport build on a special ordered chassis?

Yes, as long as it meets all federal motor vehicle requirements.

Does Rockport Commercial Vehicles manufacture in more than one location?

Yes, Rockport is growing beyond Elkhart, Indiana, and opened its second location in Ocilla, Georgia.

What positions Rockport above the rest of the box truck industry?

Quick delivery, flexibility and understanding customer needs, and quality products.

Do I contact the dealer or the Rockport concerning warranty?

Please contact the dealer for chassis related items and Rockport for body related issues at rockportwarranty@forestriverinc.com.

What information is needed when ordering parts for your truck?

The chassis VIN, year & model. Please contact rockportparts@forestriverinc.com.

Does Rockport offer a service department?

Yes, on a limited basis. Rockport does provide repair services at our manufacturing facilities.

Can we use Rockport bumper as a hitch?

The bumper is not an approved hitch and cannot be used for towing.

What models can I get a hitch install on?

We can install a hitch on Rockport, Cargoport & Workport bodies. However, a hitch is not available on a Parcelport. Some drop ship chassis may not allow us to install a hitch as well.

Where can I find the Dry Weight of the unit?

At Rockport, we show the Dry Weight of the unit inside of the driver’s door. This weight does not include the driver or passenger and the fuel the truck can carry.

What is GVWR ?

Abbreviation for Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. The maximum total vehicle weight, measured at the tire ground interface, for which the vehicle possesses components adequately rated to safely carry. The vehicle can never exceed the sum of the GAWRs.

What is GAWR ?

Abbreviation for Gross Axle Weight Rating. The value specified by the vehicle manufacturer as the load carrying capacity of a single axle system, as measured at the tire ground interfaces. The vehicle can never exceed the sum of the GAWRs

What is GCWR ?

Abbreviation for Gross Combination Weight Rating. Represents the entire weight of a vehicle at the ground with a trailer, equipment, driver, fuel and payload. This rating is provided by the chassis manufacture; please see your dealer or chassis manual for this rating.

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