Product Details

Work ‘N Tow

A spin-off of our popular Workport model, Work ‘N Tow was created around the end-user who liked the flexibility and function of the Workport but didn’t want the body married to the truck. Being a Utility Trailer, Work ‘N Tow has the ability to remain stationary at a work site and retrieved at a later time thus freeing up other vehicles to perform additional tasks. Many available features of Workport can also be incorporated in the unique Work ‘N Tow trailer.


Work 'N Tow Body Popular Options

  • Workport Delete Compartments on One side

Work 'N Tow Chassis Related Popular Options

  • (2) Rear Load Jacks
  • Aluminum Trailer Frame
  • Axle Lift 2” higher or start with 2” Axle Block = 4” Higher
  • 6,000 LB Rubber Torsion Axles with EZ Lube. In Lieu of 5,200
  • 7,000 LB Rubber Torsion Axles with EZ Lube. In Lieu of 5,200
  • Power Tongue Jack.
  • Aluminum Wheel Upgrade

Work 'N Tow Door Popular Options

  • Rear Roll-up Door
  • Rear Swing Doors, 50” opening with Twin 25”
  • Side Swing Door 36” Wide with stepwell, Roadside & Curbside. Deletes (2) Compartments.

Work 'N Tow Electrical Popular Options

  • Additional LED Cargo Dome Lights
  • LED Cargo Dome Light with Motion Sensors
  • Exterior LED Flood Light
  • Fluorescent Lights 48” Long
  • Compartment Lights
  • Shoreline with 25’ Power Cord
  • Breaker Box 55 AMP
  • 110V Power Strip
  • Workport Electric Locking System for Compartment Doors
  • Workport Key Fob for Electronic Locking System.

Work 'N Tow Exterior Popular Options

  • Nose Cone

Work 'N Tow Floor Popular Options

  • Aluminum Treadplate Overlay .125
  • Aluminum Extruded Plank Floor

Work 'N Tow Generators & Inverter Popular Options

  • Side Generator Compartment, Above Floor (Deletes Compartments)
  • Generators, Gasoline, 4,000, 5,000, 7,000 Watt
  • Generators, Diesel, 5,000, 7,500, 10,000 Watt
  • Inverter, 1,200, 1,800, 3,000 Watt

Work 'N Tow Heating, Venting & Air Conditioning Popular Options

  • Auxiliary Rear Air Conditioner, Chassis Engine Powered, 28,000 BTU
  • Auxiliary Rear Air Conditioner & Heat, Chassis Engine Powered, 22,000 Cool & 28,000 Heat BTU
  • Auxiliary Rear Heat. Chassis Engine Powered, 32,000 BTU
  • Roof Mounted Air Conditioner, 110 Volt, 13,500 Cool & 5,600 Heat BTU
  • Roof Vent, 14” x 14” Crank-up, Non-Power
  • Roof Vent, 14” x 14” Reversible, 3-Speed, Fantastic
  • 10” x 10” Louvered Vent, Sidewalls

Work 'N Tow Insulation Popular Options

  • Roof Foam Board Insulation including Luan Ceiling Liner
  • Floor Insulation (Reflectix)

Work 'N Tow Interior Popular Options

  • First Aid Kit, mounted in cargo
  • Fire Extinguisher & Reflector Kit, mounted in cargo
  • Workport Access Doors to Horizontal Compartments

Work 'N Tow Popular Shelving Options

  • Work ‘N Tow Additional Vertical Compartment Shelf
  • Work ‘N Tow Adjustable Shelves, Wood, Above Countertops (4) Total, (2) Per Side 18” Deep.
  • Work ‘N Tow Adjustable Shelves, Wood, Above Countertops (8) Total, (4) Per Side 18” Deep.
  • Work ‘N Tow Horizontal Compartment Divider/Bin Package

Work 'N Tow Ramps Popular Options

  • (2) 6’ Long Gripstrut Ramps

Work 'N Tow Roof Popular Options

  • Aluminum Roof
  • Ceiling Liner, Luan
  • Catwalk - Aluminum Centered on Ladder Racks
  • Catwalk - Aluminum Full Width on Ladder Racks

Work 'N Tow Securing Popular Options

  • E-Track on Sidewalls, Surface mounted on Compartment Isle
  • Bull Rings mounted in Floor.
  • F-Track on Ceiling & Floor
  • Ratchet Straps for E-Track (2)
  • Shoring Bar for E-Track or F-Track

Work 'N Tow Window Popular Options

  • Cargo Window, 36” Wide x 18” High, Fixed or Sliding with Screen
  • Cargo Window, 19” Wide x 18” High, Fixed or Sliding with Screen
  • Door Window, Fixed, 12” Wide x 18” High