Product Details

Rockport Truck Body (Rock Box)

Rockport’s Truck Body is engineered for the more grueling applications in the workplace. Features include Aluminum or FRP construction, Aluminum or Translucent Roofing, Laminated Hardwood flooring with options of Extruded Aluminum and Steel or Aluminum Treadplate Overlay. Designed for heavier applications built on chassis cabs, Rockport Truck Body is an excellent consideration for those seeking a box of robust and rugged construction.


Truck Body Body Popular Options

  • Front Cabover “Attic”

Truck Body Bumper Popular Options

  • Grip Strut Bumper 9 ½” Deep, Steel or Aluminum
  • Chicago Style Bumper
  • ICC Bumper
  • Rubber Dock Bumpers
  • Dock Extensions 6” or 12”

Truck Body Chassis Related Popular Options

  • Chassis PDI
  • DOT Inspections

Truck Body Door Popular Options

  • Insulated Rear Roll-Up Door with Inside Release
  • Rear Swing Doors, 50” opening with Twin Swing or 70/30
  • Rear Swing Doors, Full-Opening with Cam Bar Locks
  • Rear Bi-Fold Swing Doors, Full-Opening with Cam Bar Locks
  • Side Swing Door, FRP 36” W with Cam Bar Lock.
  • Side Door Stirrup Step

Truck Body Electrical Popular Options

  • Rear Back-Up Alarm
  • Rear Back-up Camera System
  • Additional LED Cargo Dome Lights
  • LED Cargo Dome Light with Motion Sensors
  • Exterior LED Flood Light

Truck Body Exterior Popular Options

  • Rub Rail - Aluminum Hat Section
  • Nose Cone
  • Crosswalk Mirror

Truck Body Floor Popular Options

  • Aluminum Extruded Plank Floor
  • Steel Treadplate Overlay
  • Aluminum Treadplate Overlay .125
  • Polyurethane Floor
  • Rear Threshold Plate
  • Additional Crossmembers rear of axle “Forklift Package”

Truck Body Heating, Venting & Air Conditioning Popular Options

  • 10” x 10” Louvered Vent, Sidewalls

Truck Body Insulation Popular Options

  • Roof Foam Board Insulation including Luan Ceiling Liner
  • Sidewall Foam Board Insulation

Truck Body Interior Popular Options

  • First Aid Kit, mounted in cab
  • Fire Extinguisher & Reflector Kit, mounted in cab
  • Sidewall Scuff, Galvanized 12” or 24” High
  • Front Wall Scuff, Galvanized 12” or 24” High
  • ½” Plywood Liner

Truck Body Liftgate Popular Options

  • Tuckaway, Steel & Aluminum Platforms
  • Railgate, Steel & Aluminum Platforms, Above Bed Option
  • Cart Stops
  • In-Cab Cutoff Switch
  • Remote Pendant

Truck Body Ramps Popular Options

  • Underfloor pull out ramp, 24″ Wide x 10′, 12′, 14′ & 16′ Long

Truck Body Rocktop Popular Options

  • “Rocktop” Air Faring with NO Cab Roof Cutout. F-450 & F-550

Truck Body Roof Popular Options

  • Translucent Roof
  • Ceiling Liner, Luan

Truck Body Securing Popular Options

  • E-Track on Sidewalls, Surface mounted or Recessed
  • Tie Slats on Sidewalls
  • D-Rings on Sidewalls
  • E-Track on Front Wall, Surface mounted
  • Tie Slats on Front Wall
  • Bull Rings mounted in Floor.
  • F-Track on Ceiling & Floor
  • Ratchet Straps for E-Track (2)
  • Shoring Bar for E-Track or F-Track

Truck Body Tool Box Popular Options

  • Steel Underbody Tool Box, 60”, 48”, 36” or 24” Long x 18” Wide x 18”H
  • Aluminum Underbody Tool Box, 60”, 48”, 36” or 24” Long x 18” Wide x 18”H