Product Details

Rockport LE

Equipped for the value minded consumer, the LE is based off of the Rockport body with basic equipment and limited options. Standard features include aluminum sidewall construction, aluminum roof and painted 1 1/8″ plywood floor with interlocking joints for maximum strength. These limited features allow Rockport Commercial Vehicles to offer an alternative to meet or exceed you delivery & budget requirements.


Rockport LE Bumper Option

  • Pooched step bumper, E-coated steel

Rockport LE Cargo Control Option

  • E-Track, Flush Mount, (1) Row
  • D-Rings, Mounted on Sidewalls

Rockport LE Electrical Option

  • Rear Back-Up Alarm

Rockport LE Front-End Assembly Option

  • Bulkhead - Sliding Door

Rockport LE Interior Option

  • ABS Cab Interior Trim Package

Rockport LE Liftgate Options

  • Railgate, Steel & Aluminum Platforms, Above Bed Option
  • Cart Stops
  • In-Cab Cutoff Switch
  • Remote Pendant

Rockport LE Lighting Option

  • Additional LED Cargo Dome Light

Rockport LE Ramp Option

  • Underfloor pull out ramp, 24″ Wide x 10, 12 & 14′ Long