A true workshop on wheels, the ergonomically designed Workport provides both an exceptional and functional way to service your customers. A stand up interior height, heavy duty door hinges and integrated rear access ladders are just a few aspects customers favor. The exterior compartments provide ease of access with the convenience of available power locks to keep valuable cargo secure at the push of a button. The flexible Workport can be tailored to your specific needs with available shelving, lighting, accessibility, cargo control and many other features to make this product truly unique to your line of work.


Pool Chassis Options:
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Drop Ship Chassis Options:
Autocar, Freightliner ,Mitsubishi Fuso, Hino, International Trucks, Isuzu, Kenworth, Mack, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Peterbilt, Volvo, Western Star, Motiv Electric.


  • Aerodynamic Aluminum Top Radius
  • Extruded Aluminum Front Corner Posts
  • High Impact Resistant Front Corner Caps
  • FRP Front Wall

  • Rocktop Air Fairing with Full Height Access Door
  • Rocktop Air Faring with No Cab Roof Cutout
  • Front Cabover “Attic” - 36”
  • Nose Cone
  • Full Width 12” Steel Pooched Step Bumper, Finished Black

  • Grip Strut Bumper, Steel or Aluminum
  • Rubber Dock Bumpers
  • Class-3 Receiver Hitch
  • Electric Brake Controller
  • Front End Alignment – Performed on a Hunter Alignment System
  • Chassis PDI
  • DOT Inspection
  • Additional Chassis Leaf Springs
  • On-Star Relocation (GM Product Only)
  • Satellite Antenna Radio Relocation
  • Chrome Wheel Simulators
  • Sumo Springs
  • Super Springs
  • Swing Rear Doors, 47.5” Opening, 70/30

  • Rear Roll-Up Door, 50” or Full Opening
  • Swing Rear Doors, 47.5” Opening, Twin 50/50
  • Swing Rear Doors, Full Width 50/50, FRP with Cam-Bar or Dead Bolt Locks
  • Swing Rear Doors, Full Width Bi-Fold Doors, FRP with Cam-Bar Locks
  • Insulated Rear Roll-Up Door
  • Enforcer Lock for Roll-Up Door
  • Windows, 12” X 18”
  • Side Swing Door with Stepwell, 32” or 36”, Roadside and/or Curbside - In Place of Front Double Vertical Compartment Configuration Only
  • Side Roll-Up Door 36”, Roadside and/or Curbside - In Place of Front Double Vertical Compartment Configuration Only
  • Pull-Out Side Steps - 1 or 2 Steps
  • Stepwell Cover
  • Windows, 12” X 18”
  • Vertical and Horizontal Access Compartments with Automotive Style Handles, ABS Door Covers
  • Drip Rails Above Compartments
  • Heavy Duty Hinges with Grease Zerks
  • Spring Loaded Closers on Vertical Doors
  • Interior Access to Horizontal Compartments

  • Access Door to Horizontal Compartments
  • FMVSS Lights and Reflectors
  • Recessed Led Clearance Lights
  • 2 LED Cargo Dome Lamps with Switch (3-Way on Cutaway Only)
  • LED Tail Lights on Rear Vertical Posts (Availability on Select Models)

  • LED Compartment Lighting
  • Electric Locking System for Compartment and Rear Door
  • Key Fob for Electrical Locking System
  • Additional LED Cargo Area Dome Lamps
  • Strobe Lights
  • Side Scene Lights
  • Rear Proximity Sensors, Upper and Lower
  • Rear Back-Up Camera System
  • Rear Back-Up Alarm
  • Exterior LED Flood Lamps
  • LED Cargo Dome Lamps with Motion Sensors
  • 34” Grab Handles
  • Removeable Rear Access Ladder
  • Crosswalk Mirror, Rear
  • Rub Rails, Aluminum
  • Delete Compartments on Roadside or Curbside

  • 12” Grab Handles at Rear Door
  • Side Skirting to Conceal Frame and Components for Cleaner Appearance, Increased Fuel Economy
  • 3/8” FRP Sidewalls
  • Safety Triangle Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher, 10-B:C 2.5 LB or 40-B:C 5.5 LB
  • First Aid Kit

  • Sliding Bulkhead Door
  • Bulkhead Set Back for added Driver Seat Travel (Cutaways Only)
  • Solid Bulkhead, No Pass Through
  • Interior Cargo Floor Length is True to Body Length
  • Crossmembers, 3 ½” Formed Steel
  • Rubberize Coin “Tuff Ply” Flooring over 1 1/8” Plywood
  • Wheel Wells, Coated Steel
  • Mud Flaps
  • Undercoating

  • 1 1/8” Extruded Aluminum Plank Floor
  • 1 1/8” Hardwood Floor
  • Steel or Aluminum Treadplate Overlay
  • Polyurethane Floor Finish on Optional Hardwood Floor
  • Fuel Sending Unit Access Cover
  • Translucent Seamless Sheet with Anti-Snag Interior Roof Bows Located on 12” Centers
  • Roof Ladder Racks

  • Aluminum Roof Skin
  • Ceiling Liner, Luan
  • Catwalk – Aluminum Gripstrut Centered on Ladder Racks
  • Delete Roof Ladder Racks
  • E-Track – Surface Mounted to Compartments and/or Above Compartments
  • E-Track Shoring Bar
  • E-Track Ratchet Straps (2)
  • Floor Mounted Bull Rings
  • Tie Slats – Surface Mounted to Compartments and/or Above Compartments
  • D-Rings – Surface Mounted to Compartments and/or Above Compartments
  • Adjustable Compartment Shelf (Vertical Compartments Only)

  • Horizontal Compartment Divider Bin Package
  • Additional Vertical Compartment Shelf
  • Adjustable Shelves Above Workbenches, 12” or 18” Deep, Steel and Wood
  • Roof Access Ladders, Dual Integrated
  • Coated Steel Rear Structure With 12-Gauge Sides and Header Coated White, 10-Gauge Footer
  • Flush Rear Sill with Drain Trough

  • Delete - Roof Access Ladders, Dual Integrated
  • Railgate or Tuck-away (Requires Optional Roll-Up Door)
  • Steel or Aluminum Platform
  • Cart Stops (Aluminum Only)
  • In-Cab Cutoff Switch
  • Remote Pendant
  • Above Bed Option (Railgate Only)
  • Generator Compartment, Vented Door, Interior Insulation – Floor Mounted
  • Generator – Gas 4,000 -7,000 Watts
  • Generator – Diesel 5,000 – 10,000 Watts
  • Inverter 1,200 – 3,000 Watts
  • Shore Line Power Plug and Cord, 30 or 50 Amp, Breaker Box
  • Power Outlets, Interior and/or Exterior, 110V
  • Flood Lamps, LED, Exterior, 110V
  • Side Scene Lights, LED, Exterior, 110V
  • Vent – 10” X 10” Louvered - Sidewall
  • Vent – 14” X 14” Roof, Power or Non-Power
  • Heater – Chassis Driven
  • Heat / AC – Chassis Driven
  • Heat / AC – Generator and/or Shore Power Driven
  • Floor Insulation
  • Ceiling Foam Board Insulation
  • Front Radius and Corner Cap Insulation
  • Rear Header and Rear Insert Insulation


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